“Thanks so much for the excellent experience during the recent resurfacing of our swimming pool. We are getting many compliments how beautiful the pool came out in the Caribbean Blue color. Tim’s expert patching job on the skimmer has solved the leak. Paul did a superb job preparing the surface for the Pebble Tech installation; not even the hint of a scratch is on the decorative tile on the upper side of the pool walls! The Pebble Tech crew is amazing. In less than three hours, they beautifully transformed the pool walls and bottom. They were friendly, courteous and professional, and meticulously performed a flawless job. We feel like we have a new pool! Thanks again for a wonderful experience and feel free to include us for future reference....”

Mike & Jeannie H., February 2021

Everything is working just fine and we really like having the (Pentair Easy Touch) control panel indoors. Thanks!

David, Sarasota May 2019

Rich...We continue to get RAVE reviews on our PebbleTec pool!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Rick B., Venice (note: finish installed 1/15... 4 yrs ago!)

Thank you Rich for all your help with everything. You go above and beyond and we will recommend you to everyone.


Marie B.

Village Walk


Rich was knowledgeable and efficient with our Pebbletec resurfacing job. Six years later our large uncaged pool is a far superior look and feel compared to our old mar-cite finish. My husband is handicapped; the Pebble sheen finish is easy on the feet yet not slippery, and keeping the pool clean is a breeze. We love the beauty and finish and can't say enough about the high level of service and expertise delivered by Rich and his crew. Thank you!

Marla Vignocchi



"Thanks for doing that so fast (salt chlorination system). I always know I can count on you!"

Darlene, Venice 

"So impressed with every single person who came out to our (renovation) job"

Mrs. Maxham 4/17 

"I saw the article in the paper about you being recognized for the great work you do...It has been 6 years since the job was completed & I love it every day...What a pleasure it was working with you and all those who you recommended"

Lynn D...University Park

"Thank you so much for the beautiful work on our pool! Please tell the PebbleTec crew we are very happy :-)" Thank you mostly for your patience, professionalism & support along the way"

Tamara & Tony...Sarasota 4/17

re: Feb 2017 Pool renovation with PebbleTec Tahoe Blue & shimmering seashells- "The pool looks fantastic Rich!

Thank you, Mary & Tom C." -Sarasota

"Rich- you know how picky I am. I cannot find a flaw in my pool (PebbleTec pool finish renovation). Even my brother in law came over and couldn't find one!!

T. Jessup- 10/16 Sarasota


1) Thank you for your continued hands on participation throughout the project and your attention to detail

2) Thank you for having Paul on your team for so many years. He was absolutely indispensable.

3) Thank you for being so profession and for making our decisions seem so effortless.

4) We highly recommend your company, your entire team, and your workmanship.

It has been about two weeks since the completion of our pool and we have had six families over to see the results. My wife and I are very pleased with our pool, with the selections you helped us choose, and the final "color" of the White Pebble Tec with the addition of two pounds of Shimmering Sea for the "POP".

Please continue to have a successful career and we look forward to your continued success.

Mike & Patt Staley

"....PS: You installed the variable speed pump (Dec 2014) and the power savings are just what you said they would be! Thanks!!"

Sept 2016- Mike H., Bradenton

"Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on our pool. You rock!!"


"Our electric bill went down $100 a month since you installed the Pentair variable speed pool pump ..."

Dr. John D., Pelican Pointe, Venice


Rich, Please accept this check for, perhaps a dinner out: When we called you, we did not expect the immediate response, and certainly not to see you determined to remedy the situation!"

Jim & Mary



Re: Pool Renovation

"Thanks for a great job. Please feel free to use us as a reference"

F. Walter, 10/9/15


Thanks for the wonderful renovation of our pool.

Jim & Becky, University Part


Our pool is looking fantastic - really good. It's definitely the best money we spent on the house.

Thank you,

R. Black - Siesta Key

"My home was built in 1970. We had our pool refinished in 2005. I thought I had handled the process well, getting multiple bids and not selecting my contractor by price alone. In a short five years the finish was cracking and began separating from the stairs. It was clear to me that the work was not done properly. I contacted the contractor who had done the work. He let me know that the warranty period had expired and he was not going to fix the problem at no cost. To be honest, I didn’t want him working on my pool again anyway.

My 2010 pool contractor search led me to Rich Tarricone of Aquatic Pool Systems. Rich has a wonderful ability to connect with people and he did immediately with both my wife and me. At the outset Rich took the time to learn our objectives. Throughout the (Pebble Tec) project Rich suggested things we had not considered. In each case we followed Rich’s ideas and the project was enhanced by every one. It is great to find a contractor who personally adds value. His extensive knowledge and network of specialists are an outstanding team. As I look back at the project and at the end result I am very, very pleased. I highly recommend Rich to anyone who needs help with their pool."

-Tony Romanus

"I have been a client of Rich Tarricone for the last few years. He was highly recommended to me by a pool designer in the Tampa area.

Over the years I have leaned to appreciate Rich's knowledge, his contact list, and more importantly his unique interest in customer service, reliability and family.

As a former polymer chemist I have learned a lot from Rich about the relationship between pool chemistry and (filters,heaters,pumps,pipes and pool coatings). Rich has over 25 years experience in diagnosing and solving complex pool related problems from a simple 12,000 gallon backyard pool to a 120,000 gallon hotel/condo pool.

I have spoken to many pool builders and they have all spoke very highly of Rich being both knowledgeable and also a good guy."


Contractor Note: Has recently built a second pool and demanded it contain PebbleTec!

Posted June 2011...

"Rich Tarricone from Aquatic Pool Systems, LLC guided us through this process (Pebble Tec pool renovation) from start to finish and is excellent."

-Doctor HKR...Nokomis, Fl

"Thanks very much for your prompt attention to matters when I call and as always, thanks for your honesty in providing the best customer service and always being conscious of the dollar cost. I appreciate your way of doing business."

-Donna S.....North Port, Fl


...Jim & Brenda M., Midnight Pass Rd

Since you installed the new energy efficient pool pump "I have seen a reduction in my electric bill of $50 a month"

Cliff M....Siesta Key

"Rich...My husband and I decided you are not charging us enough for your services. If you want to raise our price we will understand. Thanks for all you do. See you October 5th"

Sandy & Matt A.

"...before I explain why I need your help to come out and repair my spa fountain...I need to tell you something else...WE HAVE SEEN A NOTICABLE REDUCTION IN OUR ELECTRIC BILL SINCE YOU INSTALLED OUR NEW VARIABLE SPEED PUMP...THANKS!"

Mr. John H. 11-9-11

"Thanks for making our (PebbleTec) pool so beautiful. We are so glad we did not hire either of the two contractors that said they installed Pebble Tec and tried to bait and switch us with a copy cat product"

Jim M......11-10-11

"Rich...I was skeptical at first. But I had to call to tell you that this is the first time ever I had a electrical bill under $100 in Oct/Nov. The variable speed pump is paying for itself...Amazing!"

J. Berman ... Sarasota 11-30-11

"Absolutely Beautiful!!...I just love my new renovated Pebble Tec pool and paver deck..."

Sharon W. 12-2-11

Saturday morning phone call: "Hey Richie, guess waht my electric bill was last month....around $70!!!!" "The month before was around $80...The new variable speed pump works great..."

Vinnie D..... Long Boat Key Club 2-4-12

Jerry...Ave C, Sarasota 2-4-12

"Rich.... We were up north and the total bill to run our pool and house was $40..amazing!! I will also email you my comments..."

Email..."Thanks for your recommendation of the Pentair pump. The pool pump has paid for itself in 10 months and my estimated cost to operate is about $10 a month..wow

You are a true expert in your field.

Have a great day... You may share this e-mail with your customers"

Jerry...Ave C, Sarasota 12-23-12

Hi Rich,

Just wanted you to know how pleased we are with the energy savings we're having since you installed the IntelliFlo pump! Before installation (11/1/11), our electric bill was $339.67. Our first bill after that that was $241.87. Since then we have been running the pump on the #2 speed and our bill this month was $85.71! Wow! That's the lowest electric bill we've had in 8 years. We are more than pleased with the IntelliFlo and find it is rapidly paying for itself. Thanks again!

Jontie and David H........Osprey

5-5-12 After seeing her sister's PebbleTec pool renivation..... "You do amazing work!"

Marilyn R's sister- Siesta Key

6-5-12 One of my contacts over at M.S. (Real Estate Broker) said today: "How come your pools always look so much better than the other vendors?"...Just wanted to pass it along

Kirk B....Sarasota (In reference to green foreclosure pool clean ups and subsequent weekly service)


"Hi Rich, I hope you are doing well. It’s been a while since I’ve followed up. After all of your input a couple of years ago we have had a beautiful pool each summer. So Thank You. You showed me how to add simple household chemicals and have a cleaner pool than all of my friends paying for the high priced stuff."

R. Bowe

Rich, That cleaner (robot) is amazing!! Thank you so much. I'm glad I know someone like you.

Take care, Ryan


Rich..."You do impress me- very good at what you do and good with people too"

T. Raymond, Sarasota


"I am in Phoenix Rich. PT (PebbleTec) is part of the training course. You taught me more than I could ever learn here. No doubt...

Annette(owner), Aquatech Pools, Venice, Fl


"I received your phone message, and appreciate the way the whole matter was handled. It was very kind of you to cover the repair. I hope I can make it up to you with future referrals, (or your having to replace my skimmer in the future, as you have predicted). Feel free to use me as a reference in any capacity, as I was very happy with your (Pebble Tec project) work, and business practices."

K. Freeman, Turtle Rock


T. Dillon who to this day we have never had the pleasure of meeting face to face hired Aquatic to remodel her pool while she was living out of town. Upon seeing the completed project for the first time ...sent us this wonderful text messaage: "Pool looks amazing! Your awesome!"

August 2013

Rich- "Thanks for standing behind your work. I am glad I did not buy on the internet."

Dr. Selva

Nov 2013

"Thank you so very much for helping me. You relly are one of the good guys. If you ever need a reference please have anyone call me. I will be happy to sing your praises."

J. Brinker

May 2014 "You were a pleasure to work with"

Karen Smith..Venice

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